Friday, September 13, 2013

The Royals, circa 1989

The British Royals I was sitting at work yesterday, and either inspired by the ubiquitous Tommy Hilfiger ad or by a fellow commuter on the subway, I had a vision... of plaid trouser shorts.
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And then I had a thought. (Off tangent, but starting a sentence with "and then I had a thought" has me pretending that I'm Carrie Bradshaw, sitting in my underwear in my rent controlled apartment, comparing men to handbags. Back on tangent.) What did plaid trouser shorts remind me of? I couldn't put my finger on it, but as many a pedophile has done before me, I typed "British school boys" into Google images, and came across the following photo:

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Which subsequently reminded me of a picture I had seen in People magazine circa the royal wedding hysteria. Namely, this one:

Image via Google

And upon looking at this picture, I'm convinced that there is no better September outfit than one that vaguely resembles the school uniform of a British royal.

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