Thursday, September 19, 2013

Satchels of Gold

Madewell Sloane Bag No, this is not a sponsored post (though I wish it were, I could use some swag), but I just got an email from Madewell about its new Sloane bag, and I'm into it.

Which reminds me of a story and of another bag. Earlier this summer (it's still summer for two more days, bitches!), New York State summoned me in for jury duty. I was excited for a few reasons: I thought it would be just like that episode of Sex and the City (right before Berger dumps Carrie via a Post-It note); I got to get off work; and I thought I would meet my future husband. As I should have expected, I was thoroughly disappointed. It wasn't like Sex and the City (is anything ever?); I had to go back to work in the afternoon; and no, I did not meet my future husband (will I ever?).

BUT! I did see a fellow juror with an effing awesome outfit. She was blonde and sporting many a Tory Burch logo, so she was either Tory Burch herself, or she worked in Tory Burch corporate. Of note was her handbag, which I immediately researched upon arriving back at work. See below for photographic evidence. Her's was blue crocskin-ish, and flashy to the point of being cool and not tacky.

Image via Tory Burch 

I was very much coveting this 797 baby until I opened my email today and saw the Madewell Sloane bag. It has the same structured shape, complete with top handle and strap, but it's less flashy, which probably makes it more practical.

Image via Madewell

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