Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pants and Heels, Pants and Heels

Street Style at London Fashion Week - Inspired by Isabel Marant and the French I blame Isabel Marant, the French, and their evangelism for a simple pant and heel. They make it seem so easy. In her Wall Street Journal interview last month, Marant emphasized that all of her own outfits are variations of a trouser-sweatpant-heel look. They are, and so it seems is every one of the so-called French Voguette's. I've been thinking about buying a sturdy pair of heels to wear with jeans, but then I consider that I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously if I wobbled out the door in the morning in a pair of stilettos (neither would my older roommates, read: my parents).

The influx of street style fotos from London Fashion Week confirms that the pant and heel look is here to stay, especially with a pair of hyper-casual jeans (patched jeans!). I'm excited about it, even if my tendency to conjure outfits a day in advance has already committed me to wearing my Vans slip ons today.

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