Friday, January 10, 2014

Leopard Prints: Trendy or Classic?

I'd argue that everyone should own at least one item of leopard print clothing. Five years ago (shit, it's 2014), leopard print was just another animal print trend, whose popularity among my age group was most often evidenced on a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats. Now, leopard has surpassed giraffe and zebra and graduated from trendy to classic status.

When wondering if I should buy an item of clothing whose practicality is debatable, I ask myself if the piece in question is a trend or a classic. Striped shirts: classics. Velvet pants: trendy (I bought them anyway). Frye boots: classic. Leopard print: classic. Zebra print: trendy. Q.E.D. (Not sure if that's applicable here but I was never good at proofs anyway).

I have two pieces of leopard print items: a pair of pants and a shirt. Both were impulse purchases made for stupid reasons, but I've managed to wear each article enough times to successfully add them into my outfit repertoire.

Based on my experience, leopard prints bring out the most in an outfit when worn on shoes or as a handbag. I once tried to order a pair of leopard print booties online from Zara, but the shoes they sent me were one size too big and had sold out by the time I tried to exchange them. I went to bed angry at Zara for two days, but all was redeemed when I saw a Jonas brother on Fifth Avenue after returning the shoes at the store.

I'd say that there's no better way to end a blog post than with a Jonas Brothers anecdote, so below is a leopard print accented outfit for you to mull over.

J. Crew wool bomberRag & Bone boyfriend jeanGolden Goose ankle boots and sneakers,
Clutch found on Etsy, Madewell top

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