Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Braid

I've undertaken a couple of writing projects lately, each of which requires me to sit down and look at a Word document for about an hour each day, and every time I do, I suddenly remember all of the things I wanted to do with my day that have nothing to do with writing an essay or article. Similar waves of procrastination used to hit me in college, like when I would find a Beyonce video ten times more entertaining if I had to hand in a chapter of my thesis the next day than if I had nothing else to do.

In the years that I've been chugging out essays by the page, I always fall back into the same procrastinatory habits, by which I mean activities that are only fun when done to put off something else more important. My top two include pretending that I'm going to a fancy event and trying on clothes in my closet until I find an outfit that works, and playing with my hair. I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and brush my hair out until it resembles a hair ball, then I braid it and twist it into a hairstyle fit for Shoshanna or Kirsten, my first American Girl Doll. It's very fun and I always rediscover that I'm better at braiding hair than I thought. When I finally get back to my paper, I ask myself why I haven't dropped everything and gone to beauty school instead.

So, what's the point of this post, you ask? To discuss the merits of braided hair, duh. Actually, not much to discuss here, but a good braid, when not likening its wearer to a pterodactyl, can really pull a lewk together. It's sporty and low-maintenance, and looks especially cool when worn in a non-soccer practice situation. A few braids below, see my Pinterest page for more.

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