Monday, March 24, 2014

The Oversize Button Down

I had a feeling the oversize button down was in trend status lane when I started my Tonne Goodman Fan Club (TGFC) in September (nobody joined then, but I bet your interest has peaked now).

I started TGFC when I had an interview at Conde Nast earlier this year. I had no idea what to wear, and I admittedly Googled "what do you wear to an interview at Conde Nast." Luckily, I came across a forum (I love forums, they're so random) that was dedicated to interview attire at Conde Nast. It was a little outdated and the last person to contribute had probably connected to the Internet via dial-up. She wrote upwards of 200 words about an interview she had at Vogue in the mid-nineties when "all of the editors were wearing oversize Brooks Brothers shirts and black leggings." Though that wasn't the answer I was looking for in my Google query, I pounced on it. So that's how TGFC started, because apparently Tonnie G. pioneered the oversize button down thing. I believe it, have you seen the September Issue?

I made the look my own by buying an oversize white shirt from the men's section of J.Crew and wearing it with black jeans during the day and leather leggings at night. Sometimes I looked like Michael Jackson, but that's a small price to pay for a versatile look. It worked out fine until I spilled balsamic vinegar on the shirt and got too lazy to bleach it.

I revisited the look when I went to #paris last month. I got an oversize oxford, this time from Urban Outfitters, and wore it with black and white jeans. I've already worn it this week. It gives off a cool, calm and collected vibe especially with the unruly hair my head has decided to cover itself with this week. If it looks like I didn't brush my hair, it's because I didn't.

The Cut posted a slideshow of oversized shirts and let me quote Elle Woods when I say, I concur. The oversize shirt--tunics included--is the hashtag bee's knees.

Gotta go finish True Detective. BAI!

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